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Costa Rica's beaches still ranking among the most popular in Central America

By Brad Butler

by Brad Butler

   As the population expands Costa Rica is still among the favorite places to visit and reside. The fact that one can own titled property without a native partner makes Costa Rica extremely desirable as a retirement destination as well as a second home interest.

   Not so long ago Costa Rica was little more than a coffee field with a light bulb, and jungle beaches in many foreigners eyes. However, today it has become the Switzerland of the Americas. Costa Rica is now considered one of the best places to move and live in the world, still offering affordable prices to new comers.

   Many of Guanecaste?s beaches are in their initial development stages and are great places to invest. There are presale investment packages that are well worth looking into for the wise investor. Emerald Forest Properties is most happy to educate you on what we have found to be the most lucrative deals available in the current real estate market.

   Liberia International Airport is continuing to add new flights to accommodate the tourist and new comers to the area. I remember flying into Liberia airport just 12 years ago and it was little more than a thatched hut. Today you fly into a modern airport with new technology in the middle of an area vastly developing.

   There is a many a fortune being made in Costa Rica at present and if you are tired of drawing a pittance from your bank and retirement fund, then by all means Costa Rica?s beach investments are worth looking into. From Jaco beach to the Panama or Nicaraguan borders are beaches ready to tame and develop for those investors with grand plans. Then there are the developments offering ground level entry packages that are most inviting for the more cautious investors.

   Costa Rica beaches are among the finest in the world and, the climates of this small country are amazing. Ninety percent of the world only dreams of having such agreeable living conditions, the rest are living it now here in fantastic Costa Rica.

   Once we leave our shell of comforts we find that there is an amazing world out there and Costa Rica is playing a big role in it. If you want to live a rich life but simplify it, then I suggest you put Costa Rica high on your list of place to visit and get acquainted with.

   If you are looking for a beach dwelling in Costa Rica then we kindly ask that you email us and give us your idea of what you think would be your perfect beach home. Then our beach professionals will work with you and make your dream become a reality.

   The Switzerland of the Americas awaits you but there is just one twist, you can afford it this time! Sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching and live in a country that make you want to do both.