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Health, Happiness and Costa Rica

By Brad Butler

by Brad Butler

   Recently I returned from a 10 day trip to North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. This mini vacation was intended to find a wellness center that could offer me a new lifestyle and help me learn to eat properly. Here I am in one of the healthiest countries, Costa Rica and I do not take advantage of the fantastic fruits and vegetables.

   Fortunately I had friends in North Carolina that had made lifestyle changes and were most helpful in directing me to Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina. This institution bases its curriculum on Bible scripture, but the basics are to eat raw organic fruits and vegetables as we were intended to.

   This is not something new to me as I have been reading on the subject of eating raw for over 20 years now and have seen first hand what a raw diet can do to rejuvenate a sick person. My main reason for moving to Costa Rica was to take advantage of the fresh air and mineral rich soil in which the crops are grown not to mention a slower pace. I wanted time to recognize my talents and pursue them in a warm and friendly tropical environment.

   I have seen many people faced with cancer turn to a raw diet to bring their bodies to an alkaline state. Cancer can?t grow in an alkaline environment which stops the spreading of cancer if you have it. Better yet it is good to keep our bodies in an alkaline state to prevent cancer from ever setting up house keeping in our bodies.

   I am amazed at the sick people in North America. We all ate what we were told were the best foods for us out of their basic food groups. Now the Standard American Diet, (SAD) has failed us and has left many of us in need of repair.

   McDonalds, Burger King and all the fast foods all fall within the guidelines of our four basic food groups are still cooking away as we sink into the abyss of sickness. I see young people waddle away from these establishments with burgers, colas and fries in hand. Is everyone asleep at the wheel? America is riddled with obesity and disease, and it is all from being misinformed by voices we were taught to trust early on. Basically we are digging our graves with our forks. We all eat what we are told is good for us.

   I started reading Mother Earth News which is packed with great information for living a healthy lifestyle. It was in Mother Earth News that I read that North American soil was deplete of minerals. Years of crops and not rotating the crops properly have left us with dead soil. So that is when I set out to find a place to live that could offer me a healthy lifestyle.

   After traveling Central and South America I decided on Costa Rica. Costa Rica had plenty of clean air, fresh water and volcanic mineral rich soil in which to grow crops in. I would never see another sick pink plastic looking tomato again. With a 12 month growing season healthy fresh produce is available daily which include scarlet red vine ripe tomatoes.

   After making my move to Costa Rica I found myself surrounded by great healthy living; but as I made friends I was invited over for cookouts and fine dinners none of which were healthy and what I had come to Costa Rica for.

   I fell right back into the same pattern of fast foods and eating out with friends on a regular basis. It was soon to catch up with me!

   September, 2006 I was standing in front of a friend?s home and had my first heart attack. I was rushed to the hospital and at 5:30 A.M. the following morning I had a second one. It was not until I looked up and saw my family standing around me that I realized it had been a close call. The recovery has been slow and I chose not to have heart surgery and to address my situation with a healthy lifestyle, which include good eating habits.

   Costa Rica is a land of perpetual summer where the growing season never ends. I feel fortunate to be here and have the opportunity to heal in a healthy environment.

   This article stemmed from many emails asking me if Costa Rica was a healthy place to live and the answer to that is yes. Whether you reside in North America, Europe or Costa Rica, you can make a difference in your health through diet. This tropical paradise goes a step further by offering you a more simple life and gorgeous surroundings while you embark on eating healthy and enjoying life to the fullest.

   I would like to thank the people at Mother Earth News for educating me on what is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I also would like to thank the kind souls at Hallelujah Ackers in Shelby, North Carolina for offering an eating plan that can rid your life of sickness and brings you back to the garden. If you are not well there is a reason do not put a band-aid on it go to the root of the problem and be free of it once and for all.

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