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By Brad Butler

by Brad Buttler

For all of those writing in to inquire about Costa Rica beach real estate we have decided to write the answers and post them on our website. Costa Rica beach real estate is one of the hottest markets on the planet right now and is expected to continue to rise over the next 10 years.

Now that the C.A.F.T.A. Free Trade agreement has been passed, you will see tremendous growth to the already booming country of Costa Rica, The beaches here in Costa Rica have been popular among retirees and developers alike over the years. I can remember Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in the 70?s and what happened there is happening here in Costa Rica now.

The once, ?Coffee field with a light bulb? is now the center of attention world wide among retires and vacation home buyers as well as the smart investors with a vision. Costa Rica is especially popular with the Americans, Europeans and Canadians right now. The sinking dollars is making it possible for these countries to sweep in and make use of their now inflated currency. Costa Rica beach real estate gives you more for you money than any of the rest of the Central American countries, and of course, the US, Europe and many other parts of the world.

Many arrive to Costa Rica and have no idea that it is their date with destiny. People are drawn to the vast beauty, nature, and peacefulness of this cozy little banana republic. I have vowed to enjoy it as long as I can before it is totally developed.

Costa Rica is known for keeping the drug cartels at bay and the government demands a safe environment for its inhabitants. This is important to know when choosing a country to relocate to.

Major companies see the affordable Costa Rican beachfront properties that Costa Rica has to offer and are zooming in to get a piece of the action. Property values are on the rise and it has been predicted that this will not wane over the next 10 years.

Old Hippies, once calling the laid back Costa Rican beaches home, are miffed at the development. They prefer the rough edges and unspoiled beaches they once had to them selves. Many are now making their escape to more rural areas. Yes development of Costa Rica beach properties is on the rise.

Foreign influence is nothing new for Costa Rica which is made up of 90% European and American influence from the Spanish discovery in the 1500?s until now. Once Columbus set foot on this soil he named it, ?Costa Rica? which literally translates into, Rich Coast. Costa Rican beach property has never been the same. The vibrant mix of cultures is what makes Costa Rica so special. You will want to spend the rest of your life here I assure you.

Remember, we have all come here to escape the rat race. Many have problems with the cultures liberal interpretation of deadlines. As for me I see it as refreshing to see a culture not wrapped up and ruled by the almighty dollar. Lets face it we all dream of being off the clock, why not now?

Many expatriates have found living abroad have brought their families closer together. The once quick visits with family in their native countries have now been replaced with leisurely, detailed, and meaningful vacation visits. My family can?t wait to visit me each year and my nieces and nephews are in heaven here, of course, especially when visiting to our fine beaches. On the flip side I so enjoy my visits to the States to be with them.

This is a country that you will never want to take for granted. It is a gift to be cherished and cared for by its keepers. All of us expatriates celebrate the end of each day with the setting of a magnificent sunset from our hammocks. Whether you are looking to buy Costa Rica beach land or reside in Costa Rica?s Central Valley you will be happy with what you see upon your arrival.

Pura Vida! Remember the good life Costa Rica has to offer.