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Escazu/Santa Ana the hot Central Valley areas you will not wish to miss.

By Brad Butler

Escazu/Santa Ana the hot Central Valley areas you will not wish to miss.

As our agent Faith Ulate sees it.

When you visit a foreign country you want things to be different and authentic. When you LIVE in a foreign country you want familiarity and convenience. This is why I have chosen to live and work in the Central Valley here in Costa Rica. I think it is as close to "home" as I can be, the difference being that I'm from Washington state where it rains every day to here where I wake up and it's always a beautiful sunny morning. Like the states, I have malls to go to if I need to buy something. I am able to see the latest movies, go to the theater, attend parties at McDonalds with my son, select from a number of great schools, shop in supermarkets that carry products I'm used to, work out in great gyms and find an English speaking community with people who can relate with me. The weather is always so comfortable; I never get tired of it being around 65-85 degrees.

How did I come to Costa Rica in the first place? Good question. I had just gotten done studying in dark, drizzly England when my roommate and I decided we wanted to go traveling ? somewhere exotic and tropical and a Latin country where I could brush up on my Spanish. We had heard so much about Costa Rica that we decided to come down here for three months. As fate would have it, the first three weeks of our trip we decided to treat ourselves and go to an all-inclusive hotel. It was there that I met my husband, a native Costa Rican. I guess you could say it was really "all-inclusive"! Anyway, we were married a year later. I fell in love with this country full of life and vitality and I fell in love with the people, obviously! The music, the dancing, the beaches, the rain forest and all the new tastes and sounds were all so enticing. I just didn't want to go back to the states. I didn't want the adventure to end!

So, here I am living in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. I chose this area for its convenience and the beauty of the hills surrounding it. I feel like I have a really good mix of things. I keep a lot of my American traditions and have my American friends, yet at the same time I've embraced the ways of Costa Ricans, as well, and have made many "tico" friends. I've been able to stretch myself without losing my identity. I feel so comfortable here with a daily life that I'm accustomed to, yet an hour?s drive away I can be on my way to an exciting adventure. The beaches are only 1? hours away from where I live and I love the convenience of the airport only being a 15 minute drive away. Everyone and their dog wants to visit us! I try to promote this area in the Central Valley to foreigners because I feel it is the best place to live in Costa Rica. I've been really happy here and I think you would be to!