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By Brad Butler

  From time to time I see companies advertising a multiple listing service in Costa Rica. These combined companies are unregulated offering sparse listings that represent only a few independent agents.

   Many combine listings to have a recognizable inventory to attract clients. When one thinks MLS, they are of the assumption it is a regulated service such as that of the United States, not so!

   Emerald Forest Properties has 400 to 500 listings available to its clients at any given time. These listings are hand picked by the professional agents of Emerald Forest. We do not refer you to a dozen other entities to complete your search and purchase. We strongly believe in the old KISS method of doing business, (\"Keep it simple stupid!\")

   Once you arrive to Costa Rica, the Emerald Forest Properties professionals determine your requirements. Then our well trained staff takes you under their wing, and then you are taken to areas we think would be of interest to you. There are NO high pressure sales pitches, just a pleasant tour of our adorable little banana republic.

   Who needs MLS when you have hundreds of prime properties to view through one known established company? Rest assured your best interest is in our best interest. Over 60% of Emerald Forest Properties clients are referrals from extremely satisfied clients. Our motto is, ?It is not an accident that you found your dream property, or sold your home.? It is dedicated employees seeking to find you the most for your money, and get you settled into your new adventure with ease.

   Searching for real estate in exciting, tropical, nature filled Costa Rica can be an adventure in itself. Make it a memorable experience and avoid misleading MLS advertising. MLS here in Costa Rica means, a few agents joining together, not an entire country!

   Why this article, well, we get many calls a week asking us if we are a member of MLS. There is no MLS representing the entire country of Costa Rica. Yes, it would be great if there were, as it would take a world of responsibility off of the Emerald Forest agents always looking to bring you an abundance of fresh new listings to choose from.

   Make your visit to paradise a memorable experience, use real estate professionals.