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Costa Rica Enters it's Investment Golden Years

By Brad Butler

The only way to describe Costa Rica's current burst of commerce and position as one of the world?s hottest real estate markets is that this is one of the best spots on earth to invest in right now. While the United States is fighting a recession, Costa Rica forges on.

Great Britain?s Pound is now worth more than double the U.S. Dollar right now. The Euro is growing steadily against the dollar. Even the Canadian Dollar, traditionally worth much less than America?s currency, is neck to neck with the Greenback. \"It did not take me long to figure out where my dollars would work the best for me,\" states Jim Lane of Black Mountain, North Carolina. The Lanes took a big hit in the stock market, volatile U.S. real estate market and other so-called \"solid\" investments. The Lanes, looking to retire at an average age, have seen the opportunity in Costa Rica.

Emerald Forest Properties and its team of professionals assisted the Lanes in finding a seven-acre farm in the San Carlos region for US$89,900. With the advice from Emerald Forests? owners, the Lanes divided up the mini-farm into seven one-acre lots. The first lot sold for $80,000. The sales from the rest of their lots will allow the Lanes to retire on time and not have to work another five years to make up for their losses. \"We can't thank Emerald Forest enough for coming to our aid and assisting us in our investment for our retirement,\? Jim said. \?Five years when you are at retirement age is critical; they are years you can't make up. Emerald Forest Properties knows their business!\"

Yes investors, Costa Rica is in its Golden Years and this burst of growth is expected to last well over the next 10 years. Experts agree that this boom will not be considerably affected by the U.S. economy. Make sure your dollars work for you, call Emerald Forest Properties today. Toll free: 1-866-369-7859