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Holistic health issues and living off the grid

By Brad Butler

  Emerald Forest Properties welcomes new age groups! As the once, ?off the beaten paths and, good energy places? run out; new age groups looking to sustain their lives off the grid, surrounded with great weather and fresh produce look to their nearest next best option outside the U.S., Costa Rica. For years now many new age groups have been concerned with the farming practices of the U.S. Now faced with mineral depleted soils the question keeps arising, ?Am I getting all the natural vitamins and minerals required by my body to function properly from the fruits and vegetables I eat?? The answer is NO you are not.

Vitamin companies have become successful over night raking in millions of dollars annually on synthetic vitamins heated, pressed and extracted unnaturally, basically leaving them dead on arrival for your consumption. Science offers no concrete evidence as to how effective these processed vitamins are. Costa Rica offers incredible produce grown in volcanic mineral rich soils. The proof is in the pudding, after opening the Emerald Forest Properties office in San Carlos, I noticed the bright white good strong teeth of the families residing in this area. Costa Rica?s most active volcano Arenal, looms in the back ground of our San Carlos office. It occurred to me that the mineral rich soil was directly responsible for the beautiful teeth and healthy individuals living in this enchanted area.

Costa Rica has few restrictions when it comes to building the home of your dreams, the home you want, not what some government agency thinks you need! Bale houses, mud houses, or any other natural material you wish to use to build or incorporate in building your new home is welcome in Costa Rica. Green living is what Emerald Forest Properties, San Carlos, specializes in, magical properties in areas rich and wholesome to life. Life can be lived without interruption from the UNWANTED in the areas Emerald Forest Properties has chosen for you! The rainforest offers many great natural cures and remedies. For centuries now the indigenous have looked upon the rainforest for their existence. Medicine of today owes much of its success to the rainforest; yet little is given back from the large drug companies as thousands of acres a day vanish satisfying man?s hunger for yet more natural resources. Freedom is great, capitalism has its place as long as our mother earth is being cared for. None of the above goes hand and hand there is always something that has to suffer in the path of growth and the need for more things. I read in mother earth news the tragic happenings in the name of progress and I can say I am glad I chose Costa Rica to live and enjoy my life.

Why Costa Rica, is a common question asked most often by our new age groups? For people looking to live off the grid the answers are simple. Costa Rica offers a year round tropical climate, mineral rich soils, fresh fruit and vegetables 12 month of the year. There are thousands of rivers and waterfalls in which to produce your own hydro electric power. With the long sunny days solar power offers a successful option also. Living all natural is a way of life here and is not something you have to toil to maintain on a daily basis. Costa Rica offers fresh clean air, pure water and mineral rich soil in which to grow your existence in. Emerald Forest Properties is prepared to help you settle into what may be the most sensible move you have ever made. The one major reason I live here is, that Costa Rica is always on GREEN alert. It is much nicer to live in PEACE and not fear.

By: Wm. Brad Butler