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Buying Luxury Real Estate and Great Estates in Costa Rica

By Brad Butler

  As baby boomers take a closer look at Costa Rica for a vacation home or for retirement; we here at Emerald Forest Properties are noticing a change in our retiree?s demands. The past has shown us that down sizing seemed to be the thing to do when heading into retirement years. Many retirees called in their children and told them to take what they wanted before making their move to Costa Rica.

Now with our baby boomers taking residency abroad we are finding that they are looking for larger homes to accommodate family and friends on their visits. Larger homes are now possible due to the incredibly low taxes and property maintenance afforded here in Costa Rica. Yearly taxes on a grand estate depending on the size of the property and home under $500.00 a year! It is hard to believe but I have three homes on my property, a river borders me the entire length of the property and I am in one of the most desirable areas of the Central Valley, Heredia, and I only pay $234.00 a year. Your initial cost of a home is your largest lay out.

What about maintenance, we are often asked? We have a Nicaraguan couple that resides on my property. The husband is the grounds keeper and helps also to maintain the homes. His wife cooks, cleans and keeps our clothing washed and ironed which allows us to do what we do best, develop and sell real estate. The monthly fee for the two of them is $350.00 and they are considered over paid by Costa Rican standards.

Emerald Forest Properties, Heredia, specializes in the desirable, exotic, great estates that Costa Rica has to offer, or prime properties in which to build your great new estate. Granite counters, marble floors, imported Spanish tiles, (top of the line) are available to you for building your own great estate. Costa Rica offers a grand selection of brand name fixtures for you to choose from. You will not think third world when you get here! You can build or buy the home of your dreams in Costa Rica for a fraction of the costs you would spend in the U.S., Canada or Europe. Worry free retirement years are attractive, and it is up to you to seek out the best most desirable place for you to hang your hat and enjoy life.

Costa Rica is a country filled with natural beauty and adventure. Just because you have retired does not mean you have to become a couch potato. There is a quality life out here waiting for you as long as you are willing to open the door and let it in.

By: Wm. Brad Butler