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Points you must address before you arrive in Costa Rica for residency that will save you time and mo

  Many of our clients arrive in Costa Rica after purchasing their home and have not brought the necessary paper work to get their residency status started. To make your transition easier we have prepared this list of necessary papers to make your transition a breeze.

1.) Birth Certificate (CERTIFIED) *
2.) Birth Certificate Translation
3.) Police Report *
4.) Police Report Translated
5.) Marriage Certificate (Certified)
6.) Photocopy of Entire Passport
7.) Fingerprints for Background Check (Done here in Costa Rica)
8.) 12 Photos front and 12 side (Passport size)
9.) Proof of income source (This shows where the money is coming from to buy your new home. Can be signed and faxed from the States.

   • Notates papers that are necessary for you to bring from your birth country before your arrival to Costa Rica. Your birth certificate must be certified by the Costa Rican Embassy in your country.

   Once you have these papers to an attorney that will be representing you here in Costa Rica, he or she can get to work on the type of residency you qualify for. For more information please feel free to contact our office toll free from the United States and Canada: 1-866-369-7859