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There are 101 listings available in San_Carlos

Listed by Price Date Area

In San Carlos $999,000

Preservationist Wanted!

Virgin Rainforest ...Mammoth rock formations ...Rushing rivers ...Need I say more?

In San Carlos $1,325,000

The Old West lives!

A working farm/ranch in San Carlos … Exotic woods … Cattle … Tilapia ponds

In San Carlos $156,000

Affordable in San Carlos

Country rustic setting…land enough to feel free…privacy and more…

In San Carlos $677,000

Nice Older Home near the Volcano in San Carlos on 17 Acres

Developers dream in San Carlos…. main road frontage… 20 minutes to the Volcano…

In San Carlos $180,000

2 1/2 Acres With 4 Bedroom Home in Agua Zarcas, San Carlos

Affordable… cute… cozy awaits you in lush tropical San Carlos...

In San Carlos $1,000,000

Business Opportunity in Absoutely Exquisite San Carlos

Walk right into an established favorite night spot and start drawing income while enjoying the vast beauty

In San Carlos $119,900

Beautiful View Lot in Magical San Carlos

Build your new home where the Eagles dare to fly…panoramic views of San Carlos…

In San Carlos $89,900

Mini farm with Views and Pasture for your Livestock

Spiral your way up to one of the prettiest building spots in all of Costa Rica

In San Carlos $250,000

Farm with Natural Springs and Rushing River

There are so few words left to describe this incredibly beautiful property...

In San Carlos $250,000

Farm with Road Frontage and Nice Home

Commercial Farm off main road to the Arenal Volcano with nice new home…Costa Rica is calling…

In San Carlos $680,000

Grand Farm in San Carlos

Little Joe…Hoss….and Adam would have gone crazy over this sprawling Bonanza Ranch…come see what we are talking about…

In San Carlos $110,000

Mini farm or lots to see in gorgeous San Carlos.

Endless views…volcanic hot springs walking distance…full volcano views…on a river! Life does not get much better than this, if it does let us know!

In San Carlos $2,500,000

Extremely fantastic farm in Aguas Zarcas

Trails…waterfalls…springs…nature at its best…if you have a dream then don’t you think it is about time to live it?

In San Carlos $199,000

Beautiful Views Await You in Magical San Carlos

Affordable…cozy home in one of Costa Rica’s most popular areas…enjoy the good life without breaking your bank…

In San Carlos $199,000

Peaceful Beautiful Setting in Gorgeous San Carlos.

…country lifestyle…excellent climate…many amenities

In San Carlos $290,000

Amazingly Beautiful Cattle Ranch in San Carlos

Escape the to peaceful setting that San Carlos has to offer…rushing rivers…magical waterfalls…and animals you have only seen in books…

In San Carlos $265,000

Mini farm has it all…

Beautiful Volcano Views await you in gorgeous Costa Rica! Why wait to live the life you have always dreamed of…read on….

In San Carlos $225,000

Simple Divine Coffee Farm in San Carlos

Come to the Garden of Eden …coffee…fruit trees…peaceful streams…lovely exotic birds grace this farm each day…What ya waiting for?

In San Carlos $550,000

Grand Citrus Farm in San Carlos

Enjoy your privacy on this level land farm…2 springs…hundreds of orange trees…this is a diamond in the rough…

In San Carlos $10

Executive Ranch Lifestyle in Lovely San Carlos

Own a piece of paradise in one of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica. 35 small farms left, 360 degree unmatched views.

In San Carlos $345,000

Ready to Start Earning You Income in San Carlos

Ciudad Quesada, is the largest hub in San Carlos and offers one all the amenities you would need or expect. This commercial location is in the highest traffic areas of all of Ciudad Quesada making it a gold mine.

In San Carlos $399,000

Garden home in San Carlos

Picture yourself in your new tropical garden…toucans...as thick as sparrows…this is a real life and you will always be on green alert.

In San Carlos $249,000

Mini Farm in lovely San Carlos

Road frontage…river…excellent location…awaits you in Venecia…

In San Carlos $1,300,000

Investment opportunity of a lifetime

Looking to get your money working for you…in a country that has one of the hottest real estate markets in the world…let’s face it, it’s a no brainer…

In San Carlos $198,000

San Carlos Mini Farm awaits you

Development opportunity…full volcano views…roads roughed in…small forest area…

In San Carlos $1,600,000

Prime Working Dairy Farm in San Carlos

Live your dream in lovely San Carlos where the Pura Vida lifestyle is still untouched…step through the looking glass and come experience the magic of San Carlos.

In San Carlos $349,000

Incredible incoming producing restaurant and tropical motel/cabinas

Imagine living your dream and making a nice income while doing so…well it can be done and here is how…JUST REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE!

In San Carlos $54,000

Affordable Beautiful Lots In San Carlos just reduced

Expansive views…streams and rivers…volcano views…this si nothing short of nature at it’s finest…

In San Carlos $672,000

Amazing Grand Farm in Gorgeous San Carlos

Rich fertile soil…amazing views… stone bottom streams…7 gushing springs…2 species of monkeys…breathtaking flora and fauna…

In San Carlos $119,000

Affordable Country Living in San Carlos!

Cozy…convenient…AFFORDABLE…exceptional area of Costa Rica…

In San Carlos $86,000

Reasonably Priced in San Carlos

Babbling brook…interesting views…flat to build and…more…..

In San Carlos $330,000

Own A Little Bit of Costa Rica

Simplicity isn’t always bad…in this case it could free you up so you can enjoy your life…

In San Carlos $430,000

Amazing Opportunity in Lovely Costa Rica

Amazing views…good climate…and tourism…

In San Carlos $2,900,000

Start earning your very first day!

Busy lifestyle got you thinking about a more simple life … revenue producing… yet in the most serene of environments…look no further because there is value in your investment here with this Bonanza Ranch setting…

In San Carlos $999,000

San Carlos commercial property with highway frontage

San Carlos busting with tourist is the new investment area of Costa Rica….this is a property with amazing possibilities….

In San Carlos $100,000

Affordable lot in Ciudad Quesada, San Carlos

San Carlos de Costa Rica…it doesn’t get much better than this…

In San Carlos $54,000

Steal of a deal in Pital de San Carlos

Investments down…need a place to hang your hat while remembering the important things in life…this is it…

In San Carlos $1,750,000

Awesome Farming life in exotic San Carlos

Only 10 minutes away from World famous Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano.

In San Carlos $40

The best development in the Area

Eco Lots, for sale with everything, roads, electric, phone, etc.

In San Carlos $275,000

Farm to develop

Only 10 minutes to Pital house of the world´s best pineapple, you will find this property it´s clean

In San Carlos $2,000,000

Ranch in the heart of Pital

Development ranch in the world BEST PINEAPPLE soils.

In San Carlos $259,000

Beautiful building spot on Arenal Lake shores

Magnificent View of the Arenal Lake… perfect weather… close to everything… a retirement couples dream…

In San Carlos $1,600,000

San Carlos View Farm To Die for

Views… Views and more Views…live in the heart of one of Costa Rica’s most recognized areas…San Carlos… You will never believe what this place has to offer…

In San Carlos $1,800,000

Smart Investment in Arenal, San Carlos

Milk Dairy… Horses… Cattle… exotic animals… and anything you need right at your fingertips…

In San Carlos $950,000

Excellent investment in Upala

This farm is an amazing opportunity. Great area for organic farming!

In San Carlos $20

Incredible development at the World famous Lake Arenal

55 lots with expansive views, private roads, water, electricity, and much more…await you in this lovely lush tropical paradise…

In San Carlos $294,000

Mini farm in beautiful Chachagua

Located in beautiful Chachagua only 10 minutes from world famous La Fortuna.

In San Carlos $60,000

Sweet Retirement in exotic Chachagua

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to exquisite volcano views…in an area known for it exceptional beauty…well here it is…

In San Carlos $3,552,000

Excepcional farm in El Plomo, Santa Rosa de San Carlos

This property is perfect for agriculture and cattle…ranching and please know that little Joe would be jealous…

In San Carlos $378,000

Amazing Chachagua property!

Amazing mountain and valley views…await you in Chachagua…

In San Carlos $500,000

Paradise with exotic touch

You will not believe the two lakes you view from this property…this is paradise at it’s best…barred none…

In San Carlos $53,000

San Carlos lots and mini farms.

If you are looking for a healthy climate, privacy, security, and a more natural environment… we invite you to come and share our ideal country life style.

In San Carlos $1,200,000

Amazing commercial investment right at Costa Rica’s most visited tourist destination!

Looking to enhance your life in a peaceful setting and make money at the same time? Emerald Forest Properties has just the perfect investment opportunity for you.

In San Carlos $107,000

Affordable La Fortuna home with volcano views

What do we really need…if you are looking to live simple and sit back to enjoy your life then this is the perfect home!

In San Carlos $249,900

Best location and views in La Fortuna!

Amazing views and walking distance to everything in the area.

In San Carlos $795,000

San Carlos Magic affordably priced

Being nickel and dimed to death, feel like you are spinning your wheels in an economy that is going nowhere? Time is valuable and if you cherish yours then it is time to check out Costa Rica!

In San Carlos $424,900

San Carlos commercial potential

Florencia San Carlos is one of the prettiest areas in the Northern Zone of Costa Rica. This property is simply beautiful which is reflected by its pricing. This is not for those hunting a bargain! This is an excellent property for development.

In San Carlos $579,000

Live and work in Sarapiqui, never leave your farm!

Amazing farm with great roads and infrastructure in place ready for you to start earning. This is an excellent opportunity for those who need an area large enough to start an industry.

In San Carlos $975,000

Sprawling Bonanza farm in exquisite San Carlos

Excellent climate…incredible scenery…rolling hills...natural springs…lakes…rivers… jungle…views and much too much to mention!

In San Carlos $272,000

Money can grow in trees; this farm is perfect for reforestation!

Forestry has averaged a 14% return for its investors over the past 23 years…out performing most stocks and commodities like oil, gas and gold…take a closer look…

In San Carlos $296,000

More Money you can grow in trees or tourism!

Please see RQ269a as this farm borders this RQ270a. This farm has a $20,000 assumable mortgage.

In San Carlos $388,000

Beautiful in San Carlos, Costa Rica’s Northern Zone

This amazing property is already divided into lots for development…great tropical climate and unmatched scenery….

In San Carlos $1,248,000

Perfect for reforestation in San Carlos

Unrivalled returns and environmental benefits for the next generation…this is exactly what you could turn this beauty into if you embrace nature’s most desirable commodity…wood!

In San Carlos $565,200

Greenfield opportunity in San Carlos

Amazing long-term returns in managed forestry…this is exactly the type property necessary for an active Greenfield project.

In San Carlos $249,000

Affordably priced in Florencia de San Carlos

This property is walled and has excellent views, a small creek in back with various native fruit trees. In addition to the house, the property also boasts a two stable barn and separate maid and caretaker's quarters. You get a-lot of space for your money!

In San Carlos $1,481,600

Large affordable property in Guatuso, Northern Zone

As the world falls deeper in debt reforestation seems to be one of the only things we can count on for long term investments. This farm offers enough usable land to accommodate any forest project.

In San Carlos $1,500,000

Commercial opportunity in one of Costa Rica’s most visited tourist destinations.

Thinking about retirement and just do not want to sit and watch TV…well here is a project where you can live and stay busy operating your hotel…met new people and never sit through another dull day…

In San Carlos $195,000

Affordably priced in Venecia de San Carlos

Simply unmatched views with landscaped gardens winding paths that leads you through the colorful flowers. Enjoy the breezes that this elevation provides for you. It is time you look into one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful areas, San Carlos.

In San Carlos $58,000

Excellent investment in Venecia, Costa Rica’s Northern Zone

Have a little cash laying around…want to put it into something solid…well here is an affordable investment that should not break your bank…

In San Carlos $243,000

Great opportunity for commercial endeavor or construction site in San Carlos, Northern Zone.

This farm has two springs with one being tapped and a small quantity of water being sold from it for $280 monthly to a local farmer. If someone wishes this would make a great site for bottling pure water for the ever growing water market.

In San Carlos $240,000

Commercial lot in Muelle de San Carlos

This property has road frontage and is on a main route and would be a great location for a gas station, mini-mart, bank or any establishment looking for a high traffic location to establish business in.

In San Carlos $259,900

A-lot for your Money in beautiful San Carlos

New construction ready to move in! Just bring your suitcase and toothbrush and set up housekeeping in one of Costa Rica’s most gorgeous areas in the Northern Zone!

In San Carlos $368,000

Grand investment forestry project presently earning income!

As oil and gold yoyo and uncertainty in your blue hair stocks dwindle…how about shifting gears to forestry…let your investment grow 13% annually while making money from oxygen credits.

In San Carlos $799,000

Specialty property in San Gerardo de San Carlos, Costa Rica’s Northern Zone.

Simply the best climate in the area, just high enough to be comfortable and the views…well that is another Oprah! I could go on all day about the views.

In San Carlos $249,900

Serenity in Chachagua, San Carlos, in Costa Rica’s Northern Zone, JUST REDUCED!

Most that come to Costa Rica come for the nature and beauty of the country. Many fall in love and decide to stay and even live out their lives here. We all came with a tropical setting in mind and found that most homes did not have that tropical magic, well we found it for you now! This amazing property has just been reduced for quick sale was $350.000 and well worth that!

In San Carlos $250,000

Weekend getaway cabin on beautiful mini-farm in lovely San Carlos

For those looking to get out in the country and experience nature at its best, then this mini-farm is for you!

In San Carlos $2,300,000

Simply out of this world in San Carlos, thermal springs, waterfalls and more…Recently updated!

Are you looking to walk into a turnkey business all NEW and fresh ready to work your marketing magic? This property is ideal for a top of the line wellness retreat, rehabilitation center and more. This is where Peace and tranquility feed you positive energy, where the spirit is enlightened and happiness and hope pave the way for a new venture.

In San Carlos $59,000

Affordable building lots in the exceptionally beautiful Northern Zone of Costa Rica!

Looking for peace and tranquility yet not too far away from civilization, well Emerald Forest has the deal for you. We are now offering building lots just 25 minutes from La Fortuna and Arenal. These lots boast amazing views of the Arenal Volcano yet far enough away to be in the safe zone.

In San Carlos $725,000

Mountain home nestled privately in the mountains overlooking Lake Arenal

Many look for that quiet special place with no neighbors, unmatched beauty and vast endless views. Now Emerald Forest Properties brings you Casa de la Cielos.

In San Carlos $3,500,000

1,135.129 Hectare forestry project in operation in Costa Rica’s Northern Zone.

Costa Rica’s Northern Zone is home to over 75% of all the banana and pineapple plantations and forestry projects. The Northern Zone offers one of the very best climates for forestry projects in all of Costa Rica.

In San Carlos $230,000

Northern Zone magic…live like Tarzan and Jane in one of the most beautiful countries in the world

San Carlos is one of Costa Rica’s hidden treasures. Location is prime for forest preservation, forestry and reforestation. The tropical climate in this area is perfect for exotic plant and tree propagation.

In San Carlos $370,000

Great Costa Rican Investment Awaits you in La Fortuna de San Carlos!

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Costa Rica, La Fortuna is home to many foreigners and offers some of the best attractions and restaurants in the area.

In San Carlos $299,000

Beautiful views…excellent climate...great fertile soil…excellent for cattle as well…

Located in Costa Rica’s Northern Zone, this 21 Acre farm is priced to sell quickly! Never will you find a better climate to grow your organic garden. Water on property, electric to property.

In San Carlos $46,000

This property is prime, a really beautiful property with endless possibilities!

If price is an issue and you want a project to work on, then this little home is for you!

In San Carlos $130,000

Quaint weekend getaway… excellent starter home…

Beautiful mini-farm located in Venecia de San Carlos with its own river running through it. Excellent for growing your own food.

In San Carlos $350,000

Beautiful private property with volcano views…

Dulce Nombre is one of the Northern Zones best kept secrets! Its proximity to Ciudad Quesada makes the land extremely valuable as well as its exceptional climates. Safe distance from the Arenal Volcano!

In San Carlos $110,000

Beautiful lot located in Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica’s Northern Zone!

Looking to build your home in a lovely neighborhood, well here it is. This lot offers you Volcano Views as well as mountain views.

In San Carlos $799,000

Grand farm in Los Chilis de San Carlos

Perfect land to grow trees on, excellent for a large family looking for a self-sustainable living situation. This area is known for its rich soil and perfect growing conditions form many exotic tree species. This property offers you 7 springs, river borders back and 4 small brooks.

In San Carlos $1,650,000

Perfect family compound, housing development or hotel site in Costa Rica’s Northern Zone.

Amazing views, excellent climate, gorgeous topography and all within a five minute drive of the largest city in the Northern Zone, Ciudad Quesada.  Affordable family compound, commercial venture, perfect for high end development 2 new homes in place, excellent hotel site the possibilities are endless!

In San Carlos $599,900

Absolutely 17.5 of the most beautiful acres in Northern Zone of San Carlos!

Fantastic farm land in one incredibly beautiful setting. Located in La Tigra, only 25 minutes from La Fortuna, one of Costa Rica’s most visited tourist locations. This land is excellent for tourism, as there are great jungle areas for zip lining. Excellent area around the half acre lake for cabins.

In San Carlos $999,000

Exciting new upcoming area in Costa Rica Northern zone, Boca Arenal!

Located in the heart of town is this profitable hardware store. With all the building going on in the area this establishment stays busy. There is a burst in building in this area and there are many builders cashing in on the popularity of the region.

In San Carlos $110,000

Affordable in San Carlos near to the largest hub in the Northern Zone

Dulce Nombre is just a 5 minute drive from Ciudad Quesada, located in Costa Rica’s Northern Zone. Ciudad Quesada is the largest hub offering you any and everything you could ever want or need in your new life in Costa Rica.

In San Carlos $1,500,000

Simply beautiful in San Carlos, only 10 minutes to Ciudad Quesada Central

This area is simply magnificent and offers you some of the most beautiful views in all of the Northern Zone. The rolling hills with wild Scarlet macaws flying past are simply breathtaking. This land would be perfect for hotel, eco project the possibilities are endless.

In San Carlos $1,200,000

Investment opportunity, Northern Zones largest hub, M

Located in the heart of Ciudad Quesada on the main strip leading through town where literally hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals pass each month is this prime commercial property.

In San Carlos $20,616

Affordable lots in Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica’s Northern Zone, with incredible views!

These lots are conveniently located, only 15 minutes to Ciudad Quesada central. There you will find all you need and much…much…more!

In San Carlos $355,000

Natures Lovers Paradise in La Tigra with income potential to boot!

“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death,” well put by the late Rosalind Russell, and appropriate of the present times.

In San Carlos $380,000

Beautiful new home in Costa Rica’s Northern Zone built to Brazilian standards!

This home is just moments away from Costa Rica’s largest city in the Northern Zone, Ciudad Quesada. There you will find all you could ever want or need, and much… much… more! There is an express bus from Ciudad Quesada to San Jose leaving every half hour on the hour, making it a breeze for those who do not wish to drive to the Capitol City.

In San Carlos $160,000

Popular Northern Zone Affordable Home, in City.

Excellent for retirees wanting to live close to everything. Single families welcome also! This home is built to North American standards, in a safe and secure area.


In San Carlos $448,800

Costa Rican farm for sale in lovely Santa Clara, part of all.

Santa Clara is home to C.I.T.E.C. University known for agriculture and technology. The area is up and coming. The prices of land are on the rise due to the amazing growth in the area, now is a good time to buy for the future.

In San Carlos $1,400,000



In San Carlos $189,900

Excellent mini-farm in San Carlos near Ciudad Quesada, largest city in the Northern Zone.

The Northern Zone is home to Dole and Del Monte pineapple plantations, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables year round making it a popular destination for the farm minded from all over.  San Carlos is home to Finca Luna Nueva, the largest organic farm in the region and draws students from all over who come here and learn how to properly set up an organic operation.