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Holland's Dutch Diva visits Costa Rica!

By Pete Majerle

Editor, CR Traveler Magazine

Sandra Reemer at Emerald Forest Properties

S andra Reemer, world famous vocal artist, has joined forces with Brad Butler and Roy Quirós Salas of Emerald Forest Properties in an effort to save Costa Rica's endangered Great Green Buffon and Scarlet Macaws.

Reemer, taking a sabbatical from her successful forty year career, came to Costa Rica to meet with Butler and Costa Rica native Quirós to discuss their plans. She heartily endorsed their efforts and has offered her encouragement and support.

Costa Rica is a small country with limited resources, making it necessary to reach out beyond the country's borders for help. Up to now, Butler and Quirós have personally supported their project, however, "The project has grown beyond a point where we can properly sustain it," states Butler.

Reemer is right at home educating the public on conservation and is well known in Europe, not only for her musical career but for her tree-saving initiatives. Now she will be a voice in Europe and devote time to raise awareness along with Euros to assist in a last-ditch attempt to save the Great Green, Buffon Macaws.

Although important strides have been made in protecting Costa Rica's Scarlet Macaws, which now number 250-300 pairs, the Great Green Buffons have received less attention and are nearing extinction with numbers totaling just 40-50 pairs.

When asked why the Green Macaws are dwindling, Butler, a seasoned expert in Macaws, was quick to say, "It is the birds' nomadic behavior and migration habits that are hindering a successful breed and release program."

"Scarlet Macaws establish a territory and rarely travel more than 25 miles from their homes, whereas, the Great Green Macaws travel a greater distance - from country to country - in search of food and nesting spots. Many of the Great Green Macaws cross over into Panama, as well as Nicaragua, making it next to impossible to track them."

Without increased awareness and action, this beautiful creature will no longer adorn Central America's skies. Instead, it will be included on the list with the dodo bird and messenger pigeon and will be available for future generations to admire only in coffee table books.

When will the last call of this magnificent Macaw be heard? "If it is left up to us," Butler emphatically states, "Never!"

How can you make a difference?

When purchasing property in Costa Rica through Emerald Forest Properties, a percentage of each commission goes to further this important conservation effort. Butler and Quirós happily donate their land, time and energy for the love of our "fine feathered friends."

Write to us here for more information.