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Alajuela Province - Volcanos, Waterfalls, Nature's Playground!

Alajuela is located in the northern part of Costa Rica and is one of the country’s seven provinces. Its lush rainforest, diverse flora and fauna, active volcano, refreshing lake, cascading waterfalls, numerous rivers, dark caves and hot springs contribute to the wonder of this tropical paradise. Lake Arenal, which begins at the foothills of Arenal Volcano, is a 26 square mile man-made reservoir created to provide hydroelectric energy. The lake offers many forms of entertainment, including fishing, boating and water sports. With winds gusting up to 40 mph, it is ranked the third best windsurfing location in the world. Clear and inviting water and spectacular natural surroundings contribute to this area’s popularity and, as a result, homes and real estate property sales surrounding the lake are nearly as brisk as for beach front property. Hiking trails in the Lake Arenal area provide the opportunity to discover and enjoy numerous plant and animal species. In one forest alone, over 250 species of birds can be found, including the white hawk, motmot, black throated trogon and the great curassow. There is a diversity of reptiles present, such as the poisonous fer-de-lance snake, the deadly boa constrictor, the basilisk lizard, the glass frog and the poison dart frog. Howler monkeys, spider monkeys, tyras, coatimundis, three-toed sloths and white-collared peccary add to the assortment of “life” in the jungle. Several areas in the vicinity of Arenal Volcano provide naturally heated mineral pools in which the weariest of travelers may relax and rejuvenate themselves. While soaking in warm springs surrounded by lush tropical greenery in this veritable Garden of Eden, aches, pains and troubles just melt away. Life in the tropical rainforest can be experienced and enjoyed by hiking through dense foliage, walking across hanging bridges or gliding through the trees on a canopy tour. The abundance of diversity in Costa Rica can also be observed at the Arenal Forest Reserve. To the north of Lake Arenal are the Cuevas de Venado (Deer Caves). They provide an exciting adventure in an underground world that is over six million years old. Visitors must climb, wade and crawl through the different parts of this 1½ mile system of caves. The Penas Blancas River provides the opportunity to take a floating safari trip along the slower moving section of the river. It is a relaxing trip where you can experience the incredible sights and sounds of nature first hand. Be prepared to be accompanied on your trip by monkeys, sloths, toucans, crocodiles, Jesus Christ lizards, caiman, iguanas, mammals and a variety of birds! Juan Santa Maria, the country’s largest airport, welcomes over a million guests to Costa Rica each year and is located in Alajuela, your entry point to Costa Rica and the ¡Pura Vida! Go here to view real estate listings in the Alajuela area.