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San Carlos - Arenal Volcano, Ranching, Rivers

San Carlos As Roy Quirós sees it... My family came to this country over 200 years ago from Spain and settled in San Carlos. I was born in San Carlos and I am proud to say that I am from there. Where development has despoiled and encroached upon other regions of the country, San Carlos and the surrounding countryside still have large, untouched land areas. It is magnificent. San Carlos’ beauty is vast and the entire region is filled with magical places, not the least of which is Costa Rica’s most active volcano, Arenal. The rich volcanic soil around San Carlos makes it an excellent area for farming and crop production. Ranching is another important livelihood in this area. Fortunately, San Carlos has abundant water, unlike some other parts of the country. In fact, from Juan Santa Maria International Airport to San Carlos via the La Paz waterfall road, you cross nineteen streams and rivers before reaching San Carlos! This two hour drive winds through mountainous terrain and takes you through some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. San Carlos real estate is still affordable, but the simple life is catching on! North American baby boomers with adventurous spirits eager to live a simpler life are finding what they are looking for in San Carlos. 2005 saw the first of the baby boomers turning 60 and nearing retirement age. With approaching retirement, they are thinking ahead and looking for a quiet, calm paradise in which to retire. Many are choosing Costa Rica, specifically San Carlos, as the ideal place to invest their savings, scale down on material “things” and live life to the fullest surrounded by the resplendent gifts of Mother Nature. If Costa Rica is on your mind, then make San Carlos one of the areas to visit. Let me show you my beautiful hometown region. You will never forget it! If a richer life, life on a farm, cattle ranching or growing crops is appealing to you, then try San Carlos. From five acre mini-farms to 5000 acre Bonanza ranches, I will by delighted to assist you in finding the property that fits your needs. Exciting times await you in this mystical, magical country of Costa Rica.